Honey Bell Farm is a buzz…

As our world laid bleak and barren these last few months, it can feel like winter is a never ending endeavor.  Mother Nature in Ohio fights like I do.  She’ll give you the cold, brutal truth of winter and once she’s said her piece, you think, “Okay, that wasn’t so bad.”  Inevitably, she comes back in with AT LEAST one more “Oh, and another thing!” 
Growing older, and hopefully wiser, I learn to fight fair and make my lectures shorter and my “winters” shorter… Mother Nature must not be aging as I am, for just when we think the fight is over, she comes back in with another round of snow in late March!

Having a few lovely Spring days under our belts, I’m beginning to think this might be it… the long winter might finally be over.  

With that, here are our plans for Spring! 


Through the winter, we lost one of our two hives.  Already planning to expand our fleet, we decided to order five additional packages of bees.  Packaged bees contain approximately 10,000 bees and a mated queen. We pick them up April 9 and will keep you posted on their installation.
This year, we decided to join Sandusky River Valley Beekeeper’s Association.  Although I no longer consider us to be new to the beekeeping game, there were so many things we were learned by trial and error that we are looking forward to the networking and resources that will come with being in the club.  

One of those resources being a wonderful, informative beginners’ course.  Here we filled in any gaps in our knowledge and got some helpful pointers.  

Matt checking out our surviving hive. They look strong!


We are so excited to be participating in our very first vendor craft show!
You will have to stop out and see the Honey Bell Farm booth at the Spring Fling Craft Show!

Spring Fling Craft Show
2165 State Route 4, Bucyrus
Saturday, May 4th 
10am - 4pm

We will have our Honey Bell Honey, whipped honey, liquid laundry detergent, all-purpose salve, and hopefully a few other goodies for you to purchase!  


After a long winter, covered in shades of browns, grays, and whites, I am not sure there is anything lovelier than seeing that winter wheat popping up.  Those fresh, green shoots, springing forth are a sight for sore eyes every year.  

We will plant beans on our remaining 24 acres – probably late May/early June. 

Our hopes are to get into specialty crops at some point (hops, ginseng, oats, barley…) but have a lot of research to do before initiating.  For now, we are sticking with what we know as we work to get more established.   


We have finally received an estimate from one of the over a dozen contractors we initially contacted.  Being that we have not officially hired anyone, I will hold off on putting names out there.  We are beyond excited to get rolling with the addition!  In the meantime, we have been working hard at getting the current structures ready for the contractor.  

This included: gutting the existing kitchen, removing the existing bathroom and laundry room, and demoing the existing detached garage.  

Once we have the space all cleaned up, our contractor can start with the addition (mudroom, laundry room, bathroom, dog wash, attached two car garage, and second story master suite)… Yes, it’s a big addition.  This is our forever home though, so we we’re going to do it big and do it right!

Our task list for the coming months:

  • Prep for our first Vendor Craft Show! 
  • Finalize current home to get it to market. 
    • Replace Master Suite Tub/Shower
    • Deep Clean
    • Dinette Flooring 
    • Landscaping
  • Get Honey Bell Farm house to a livable condition. 
    • Kitchen Flooring
    • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Install New Hives.
  • Plant Beans.

As we fill these longer days with Spring cleaning, home renovations, work, and all those have to do items, let’s make sure we also fill them with the good stuff.  You know, the stuff that’s the reason you do any of it in the first place.  The stuff that makes it all worth it.  Fill the days with extra cuddles, kisses, and laughter.  Fill the days with homemade bread, fresh picked flowers, and strolls down wooded paths.  

… Thanks for strolling with us… 

Our goal is to keep you posted as we journey, so always feel free to reach out with any questions or topics you want to hear more about!  

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