Farm Renovations Non-Negotiables

I love the history and stories of an old farm house. The character and value that only the passing of time can bring to something. When hunting for a farm, we toured numerous old farm houses, trying to find the perfect one to meet our needs.

My favorite parts of these old houses? The best rooms that hold the deepest character and boldest display of history are those that are tucked away. The rooms that are overlooked or limited in their renovation potential to the previous owners… the attics and basements!

As you climb the stairs and peer into the poorly lit rooms, you are momentarily transported. I catch myself daydreaming of the people whose hard work built this home, the children who sought these rooms during their games of hide and seek, the once precious possessions that were placed there for temporary safe keeping… Oh, to revel in the stories an old home could tell.

With all of the charm an old home provides, sometimes the simplicity of times gone by means that current needs aren’t fully met. As we are gearing up for renovations, we want to be mindful of making changes that will make our lives a little easier. Meanwhile, we strive to maintain the charms of the old home and somehow stay in budget – always a challenge!

Although we didn’t have solid direction when starting the planning process, we did know there were a few “non-negotiable,” must-have items for our farm home.

Here they are… Our Farm Renovation “Non-Negotiables”


My number one, must-have, can’t do without demand for our renovations was the addition of a mudroom. When this farm family comes in from the barn, pond, fields, or from playing in the snow… I want it contained to a single room. I laugh a little thinking of the classic question from mother to child “Were you born in a barn?!” Don’t pretend that you never once heard that one while growing up. My ambition with adding a mudroom is that it will not look and feel as though we LIVE in the barn.

So this is where you can stop, kick your boots off, wipe the paws, and shake the dust off before coming in and bringing it all with you!

Dog/Kid Wash

I am fascinated by dogs continuous need to smell like something dead or something that came out the back end of another creature. Okay, not fascinated… disgusted. Either way, fighting the battle of stink and filth is challenging when you are hauling the grimy, offensively pungent dog through the entire house for a bath.

Having a clean house isn’t everything. Having perfection is unnecessary, as previously described. However, I want my family to enjoy living in a tidy home that we are comfortable in and proud to call our own. I want to spend more time cuddling my babes, strolling holding my hubby’s hand, and snuggled up in front of the fireplace than I spend cleaning our house…

Similar to the mudroom, my ambition is that the filth can stop at the door, rather than engulfing the house. This wash is a necessary feature in the mudroom addition!


Those that know me well, know that my pantry space is coveted and well used! As we garden and can as much of our own produce as we can… I need space for the jars of tomato sauce, green beans, jellies, and so on. Also, when I shop, I like to buy in bulk to reduce wasteful trips to the store. That’s right, I’m someone who buys that 50lb bag of flour and 25lb bag of rice at the store!

Although I am not a doomsday prepper, I do like being prepared. It’s convenient to have basics on hand to make homemade meals. Having large extended families, I like knowing I can throw a meal together at a moment’s notice. Oh, and how about those random baking spells! How are you supposed to make a pie or a batch of cookies on a whim without maintaining a stockpile of chocolate chips and other fixin’s?!

Cozy Little Cuddle Spots

Everyone needs this space. A cozy little spot where you feel safe and warm. A place that makes you feel like you are home. For me, this is a space I will seek to read or journal when my heart yearns for quiet and solitude.

This space must also be spacious enough to welcome in my loves. For, I seek this space to snuggle up with my first love, Matt, and a warm drink. A space where I can cradle my little love, Deacon, as we lazily savor our early days together.

Our blueprint includes the addition of a cozy little cuddle spot, a fireplace. However, as our farm house takes shape and we begin to fill it with our possessions and our love, I feel we will discover other favorite spaces to savor the moments.

Dinner Bell

Well, this is probably a given. But our Honey Bell Farm renovations must maintain the namesake bells!

Bet you can see it now – me in my pink apron, with a baby on my hip, clanging the bell, yelling “Come ‘n Get it!”

I’m only half joking because we genuinely want to fill our home with old fashioned values, home cooked meals, delicious smells of baked goods, children that are loved and happy, and visitors that feel like our farm house is their new home.

So listen for the bell and know that y’all are always welcome…
“Come ‘n Get it”

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