About Us

Matt and I met in 2009 with very different plans for our futures…

With time, as we grew to love each other, we grew to love each other’s vision of what our future would hold.

Although we had already purchased and renovated a home, we always knew it was not our forever home.  We would live on a farm and raise our children on that farm.  We were married in 2013 and became a family of 3 in 2018 when we welcomed our precious son Deacon into the world.

Frankart maternity148 copy
Maternity Picture at Honey Bell Farm

Hunting for a property proved to be challenging, for  reasons.  1. Location: We needed land close to his family, since we all work together to keep the farms running and sharing equipment. 2. Price: We were not willing to go into debt to the point that our future finances would be restricted for the rest of our lives.  However, there are so many established farmers in the area, land gets expensive fast and we were getting outbid at every auction.  3. Acreage: We needed enough acreage to meet our crop, livestock, and lifestyle needs. We will farm the ground with corn, soy beans, and wheat.  Our bees will love the crops and wild flowers that grow around Honey Bell Farm.  From the bees we are able to make various products and home remedies, using their wax.

We plan to section off a pasture area for cattle, but are still deciding what all livestock we would like to pursue.  I would love horses to ride on the trails and maybe we’ll add goats or chickens… we’re open to where life takes us!

Much of our ambition is to provide food for our family and an income to help support our livelihood.  You can read more about finding the farm here!