Winterizing Hives

Having just experienced our first snow, it already feels like winter here in Ohio.  Living in the midwest, I am in love with the season changes.  I marvel in seeing the new growth and fresh start of Spring… I look forward to the long, sunny days of Summer… I LOVE the colors and smells of Fall… and Winter’s invitation to cozy up with those you love!

The joke about Ohio that you can experience all four seasons in one week; as Ohioans might don sandals on Monday and be in snow boots by Friday!

Ohio 4 Seasons.001

As apiarists, we have a crucial role in ensuring our bee colonies are strong, well, and prepared for the potentially long, hard winter.  Starting from November and lasting all the way until March, we could experience below freezing temperatures.  With this, bees will be restricted to their hives and the honey stores they built up all Spring, Summer, and Fall.  In fact, bees don’t even fly once temperatures hit 55º or below, so preparations should be made in advance of impending winter weather.

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First Crop: Our Legacy

As Matt and I have discussed farming over the years, it has always been a conversation of passion, love, and responsibility.  We realize the importance of responsible farming, for God has made us the stewards and caretakers of the land.  Beyond our social and environmental responsibilities, we also appreciate the opportunity farming gives us to create a legacy.  This is a legacy we will pass on to our children… a legacy beyond just the land and crops; a legacy of hard work, humility, and care.

This farm is more than land and crops, it’s our family’s heritage and future.

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The original farmhouse was built in 1924 and comes with some of the classic “charms” of a solid, old house – beautiful wood trim, stone wall basement, and a large chimney running up the center of the house.  When we took possession, the owners told us they had found numerous aerial photos of the property in one of the upstair’s closets.  Being that they had no use for so many, they left a few behind for us! I absolutely love seeing how the landscape has changed over the years. Continue reading “History”