The original farmhouse was built in 1924 and comes with some of the classic “charms” of a solid, old house – beautiful wood trim, stone wall basement, and a large chimney running up the center of the house.  When we took possession, the owners told us they had found numerous aerial photos of the property in one of the upstair’s closets.  Being that they had no use for so many, they left a few behind for us! I absolutely love seeing how the landscape has changed over the years.

The photo below was the earliest photo that they left us, but by 1964, the home had already seen 40 years of changes!  I can’t help but become reminiscent when I see an old home… thinking of the memories it holds and the story it would tell, if it could.  Just imagine what the people who lived here wore, how they made their meals, or how they traveled and worked the land!  The 1920s was a time of great change in the way people vacationed and traveled.  However, being farmers in Midwest Ohio, I wonder, did they vacation or travel at all?  I would so love to see what an aerial would look like of the 1924 farm!


Check out the old tractor in front of the barn!  We are guessing it looks like a 1950’s Allis Chalmers.

The layout of the pasture and farm ground were changed by the 1974 photo.  There also seem to have been renovations to the home… siding, roof, shutters


An addition was put on the house around 1995, which you can see in the picture below.  Grass hadn’t yet grown in from the construction.  Also the pond was dug sometime between the 1974 and 1996 pictures.  I view this to be telling of the progression in the intended use of the property.  What was once a pasture is now lush walking paths.  What was once tillable acreage is now a pond.  A shift from optimization of land for potential profit is now for pleasure.


The kitchen and rest of the original first floor has been recently remodeled, but we still have our work cut out for us in getting the home where we want it.  Although we love the history of the house and plan to keep some of the pieces of history that it holds in it’s charms, we do plan renovations to the second story of the original farm house – which clearly hadn’t been touched in many, many years!

We are excited to continue filling this home with memories…

What changes will come and what stories will our home tell?

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