Buying the Farm

This lovely property was about to go up for auction when a mutual friend brought it to our attention.  If we were interested, we had less than a week to decide before the sellers signed with the auctioneer. Okay, that’s a lot of pressure, right?! Well, we had been looking for a farm for years and were not about to pass up something good if it came our way!

We toured the home and property with the owners… immediately falling in love and knowing this was going to be our forever home.


I can distinctly remember standing on this back porch, 7 months pregnant and looking out to the property.  From the porch, I could see the lush grounds filled with trees and flowers.  It was so inviting.

As we walked the properties well maintained grass paths, we took it all in.  The deer feeder, which they said would bring in 40 deer in the winter, if you keep it stocked.  The bench among the pines, where we could sit and catch up during an evening walk.  The quaint birdhouses lining the walking paths.   We took it all in.  And 7 month pregnant me thought, “This is it.  This is where our children will grow and play.  This is where we are meant to be.”

And we will continue to grow where we are planted…


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