Re-Rooting Cut Roses

My newest venture!

We were gifted BEAUTIFUL yellow roses, which greeted us when we returned home from Deacon’s hospital stay! Quick update on that: Deacon fell because he didn’t like the FROG that I found in my BEDROOM! {crazy, I know} He stumbled and fell on the ground. Didn’t hit anything or fall from any height, but that was enough to displace fracture his left femur.
It was a scary, hard thing to witness my baby in such pain, but having so much love and support made it so much easier.

I typically wait until flowers die, then compost them, but as the flowers were fading I noticed a TON of new leaf growth! This got me thinking… can i re-root cut flowers?!

Turns out you can! Although this is typically done with fresh cuttings, I’m still giving it a whirl! I love to find natural/organic options, but was so jazzed, I just ran with this growth hormone that was recommended by so many.

As i got thinking, I really want to do a natural option, if I do this again. I did some research and guess what works as an organic rooting method…you’ll never guess… okay, you might have guessed it… HONEY!!! Natural Rooting Methods

Deadheaded Roses

Steps Followed:

  • Cut off bottom inch or so to give it a fresh start.
  • Deadhead the old blooms.
  • Plucked any old, excessive leaves.
  • Dipped in root growth hormone.
  • Planted them in a ground soil, sand, and potting soil mixture.
  • Watered generously.
  • Put one pot in full sun and other in partially sunny spot.
Full Sun Pot

Next steps are to check soil moisture levels often and water as needed. From what I gather, I could have rooted roses in a month or so that I can transplant from the pots to my garden! I’ll keep you all posted!

If I try this again, we will definitely be giving honey a go and we have plenty of that, as you know!

I have seen my mom stick the most random of cuttings, vegetation, and whatnot into seemingly random media and it grows. Like magic, every time. To be honest, I did NOT get the green thumb that she has – that she got from her mother! I’m willing to try though and you know, even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes!

I’d love to hear any experience you all have with re-rooting and any advice you have!
If you decide to give this shot with honey, we’ve got you covered…

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