Where to Begin?

You know that feeling of seeing a potential project and immediately envisioning the end results?  Yeah, me neither.

Sometimes inspiration is something that slowly comes to you… like starting a journey not really knowing where to begin or where you will end up, simply knowing you have to take the first step.  Then, as you dig in and let the project speak to you, inspiration somehow finds you along the way. 

Being frozen by not knowing where to begin can be one of my downfalls.  Fear of wasting time and materials, then having to rework an area can leave me unable to see even the smallest of steps that need made.  This is where Matt shines, he is unafraid in boldly taking those steps and getting a project underway.   

Matt and his twin brother, Brandon, roofing our first/current house in 2011.

We are beyond blessed with a strong support system of people that not only help develop a vision and know the steps we will need to take, but they are also generous with their time in helping us achieve our goals. I felt guilty when we first started recruiting help on our first home, wondering “how will we ever repay everyone’s generosity?” As the years have passed, I now better understand the value of family, friendship, and generosity.

Every project we encounter has that “barn raising” feeling, as we all gather to help each other. Be it roofing, siding, pouring concrete, etc… our community can achieve anything, it seems. But there are no formal IOUs or debts, we just know we will be there to lend a hand to the next person who needs it.

First Thing’s First

There is something almost poetic about the demolition phase of a project. You tear it down and pull it apart to the point that it is almost unrecognizable as anything of value. But that’s the first step, you have to make the space workable. You have to clear out the old, damaged pieces in order to create something beautiful.

It’s like the chaos and destruction are a necessary part of the journey, making us work for our goals. You have to fight for what you want and see it through to the end.

And that’s the step we are in with our farm house… we’re breaking it down so we can build it back up.

With a Little Help from My Friends

Knowing the “right people” can make such a difference tackling a large project – they can connect you with resources, references, or help guide inspiration. We are especially grateful for Lauren Moore, Interior Designer (Matt’s cousin) as she has been essential in bringing our vague ambitions into a structured plan. She walked into our home, saw what we could not see, and inspired us to see beyond the obvious.

Lauren’s designs are complete and have brought our dreams one step closer to reality. They are being sent to the contractor who will be framing up the addition; which will include bathroom, mudroom, laundry room, and 2 car garage. In preparation, we have started taking down wallpaper, ripping out carpeting, and demoing the current bathroom and laundry room to make way for the addition.

We will keep you posted as we continue this process!
Thanks for journeying with us!

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