6 Reasons You Should Start Beekeeping!

When Matt came to me and said, “we should start beekeeping,” it was almost in passing.  We knew as close to nothing about beekeeping as possible and had done zero prep work (nor did we know the work it might entail to get started).  It was early Spring and as we began reading we realized that if we were starting it was now or never!  

Our research told us that starting colonies is done in the Spring; so, if we didn’t get going on it soon, we would be better off just waiting a year until the following Spring.  I basically told Matt either we do it or we don’t, but we had to decide! We took the leap and haven’t looked back.  The pictures below are from the day we picked up our bees to start our first two hives!  

As we drove home, it was exciting… and a little stressful! We did not yet realize how docile honeybees are for the most part – especially without a hive and brood (eggs) to protect.  I think we were both almost on edge, awaiting the bees to revolt against us! 

When I think back to that decision, I am not positive what it was that motivated us, but here are some reasons you should consider starting beekeeping of your own!

  1. It is super cool!  The feeling of introducing bees to their new home is such a hopeful, exciting experience.  Or that moment when you are digging into your hives and they are flying all around you, what an amazing feeling.  Seeing bees encircling you, hearing their determined buzz… it is like standing with Mother Nature and hearing her breath.  It’s really just super cool.  
  2. Honey is delicious and even more so when it comes from your own!  Matt and I love using honey as a sweetener.  It goes in our tea, baked goods, oatmeal, smoothies… you name it.  Did you know these awesome facts about honey?
    • Honey is lower on the glycemic index than sugar.
    • Honey contains amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins.
    • Honey has medicinal purposes! Topical use can heal wounds and dermatitis.  Internally, it can combat sore throat and cough. 
    • Consuming local honey reduces seasonal allergies.  
  3. Bees are good for the ecosystem… like really good. Many trees and plants that compose wildlife refuges rely on bees for their pollination and seed spread.  All the cute little creatures (rabbits, squirrels, and birds) and even littler creatures (insects) all depend on these habitats for their homes and food sources.  This goes into the whole big food chain, with animals then feeding off of those little creatures and insects.   
  4. You like eating, don’t you?! Bees play a crucial role in our food production due to their pollination of pretty much everything.  That might seem like an exaggeration, but honestly, bees are to thank for fruits and vegetables (like apples, squash, beans, tomatoes…).  Also, beyond the produce you consume directly, there is the indirect consumption for which we can thank bees.  Like the soy beans and clover that grows all over this area and is feed for the cows, sheep, goats, and other livestock.  
  5. The wax has SO many potential uses! We have used beeswax to make lip, diaper, and nipple balms.  I also want to try making beeswax candles and beard balm! You can also use beeswax to:
    • Clean appliances
    • Wax a sticking drawer or rough closet rod
    • Homemade wax paper
    • Furniture polish
    • Prevent food sticking to grill or baking sheets
    • Wax bow string or threads
  6. Can be part of the club.  The beekeeping community is very welcoming and supportive.  We have never met beekeepers who didn’t want to share their knowledge and help answer any questions we might have.  When we started beekeeping and going to conventions, others were always so eager to help us in our startup and to help us excel.  Comparing notes and learning from each other is a fun, helpful part of joining the beekeeping club! 

With that being said, if any of you want to get started, Matt and I would love for you to join the club!  We are happy to share our tales of victories and even failings, happily supporting you to success.  

Just think of the amazing things you are capable of, with the help of our little friends, the honeybees!  With your own personal supply of honey and wax, the options for natural solutions in your home are almost limitless… BONUS, you get to help the environment too!

We would love to hear from you… if you were to start beekeeping, what would be the top reason for you?  Or if you already are a beekeeper, what motivated you to start? 

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